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Window Air Conditioner,

Window Air Conditioner are single package unit with all components inside, This normally fixed in window size hole in the wall

Window AC; 1.5 ton capacity
Energy Rating: 2 Star
Easy Filter Cleaning: The filter can be cleaned without removing the front panel
Fujitsu Fan Motor: Efficient, state-of-the-art Fujitsu-Japan fan motor with BSS sealing, CRS ball bearing and aluminium fin
High Reliability: Adopting super protection against dust and corrosion
Backside Louver: The only AC with backside cover for additional protection to heat exchanger while ensuring higher airflow
Automatic air flow adjustment and has powerful mode
Long-life ion deodorization filter and has fresh air intake
Wireless remote controller
Compressor insulation blanlet
Long louver provides wide airflow
Quite operation and Rear cabinet protection
Moisture Removal: 2.0 Litre/hour and EER: 2.84 W/W
Operating Temperature: 60 degree celsius; Compressor: Advanced hyper tropical rotary and Refrigerant: R22

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