Used Air Conditioner in Dubai

Should You Buy a Used Air Conditioner?

The Summer heat creates a brutal experience when you’re without an air conditioner. You try your best to stay cool with fans but it’s not cutting it. Money is tight and buying a used air conditioner comes to mind.

But wait…

Are there problems you’ll soon discover? And, is it worth the investment versus buying new? Those questions answered in this post.

used air conditioner

Beating the Heat: When a Used Air Conditioner is Worth It

2017 was one of the hottest years on record. Air conditioners becoming less a creature comfort and more a survival tool. Unfortunately, new HVAC units cost upwards of $3000 for basic units. This is without factoring installation costs.

A used air conditioner becomes a viable option:


Pricing varies by location and supplier. You can expect steep discounts when buying used. The size, brand, and condition will determine the price, too.

The cheapest option is buying a used window unit.

These are available through several channels:

  • Local swap shops
  • Online social media listings
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Resellers and pawn shops


Ordering new HVAC units may take weeks before they’re delivered and installed. This is no good when you’re experiencing an extreme heat wave. Buying used gives you immediate access and set up if it’s a smaller unit.

Windfall Deals

Worn or discontinued models could create a windfall opportunity for a great price. Businesses and companies liquidating assets could provide this opportunity, too.

You may find a newer model with low usage in these moments. Some could also include manufacturer warranties.

Sweating It Out: Why You May Want to Wait on That Used Air Conditioner

One has to wonder if a used unit is worth the trouble. Generally, there are a few reasons why people abandon or upgrade old units. Be on the lookout for…

Lower Energy Efficiency

The unit may have been replaced to accommodate newer energy standards. For example, split-systems required a SEER rating of 14 in 2015. The SEER rating is its seasonal energy efficiency.

The air conditioner will cost more to operate because it’s using older standards.

Unexpected Maintenance

The used unit isn’t likely covered by its original warranty. The reseller may offer a limited warranty. Buying second-hand from a general listing may have none.

The unit may have unmentioned problems leading to unexpected repairs. The cost to repair could overtake the cost of the unit!

Tubing and Ducts

Split units need tubing to blow exhaust out of the home. Ducts, too, are required if you’re buying a larger system. This may create a new installation and maintenance cost you weren’t expecting to take.

Sourcing Parts

Discontinued models will force you to seek aftermarket parts. There’s a good chance the parts are no longer available making repairs impossible. Otherwise, parts pricing could increase due to their limited availability.

Oh Thank Goodness for O General

An O General air conditioner eliminates the need for buying used. Sourced from India, their price offers a great way to beat the blistering heat. These “extreme machines” are the perfect, cool complement to the Dubai summer.

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