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AC Maintenance in Dubai are dealing in all O GENERAL AIR CONDITIONER MODEL, We have special services for delivery of O GENERAL Air conditions and also deals in Installation of O GENERAL Air conditions,

O GENERAL window Air condition

O GENERAL wall mounted

O GENERAL Duct based Air condition

O GENERAL Cassette Air condition

O GENERAL Ceiling Air condition


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Window Air Conditioner,

Window Air Conditioner are single package unit with all components inside, This normally fixed in window size hole in the wall

Window AC; 1.5 ton capacity
Energy Rating: 2 Star
Easy Filter Cleaning: The filter can be cleaned without removing the front panel
Fujitsu Fan Motor: Efficient, state-of-the-art Fujitsu-Japan fan motor with BSS sealing, CRS ball bearing and aluminium fin
High Reliability: Adopting super protection against dust and corrosion
Backside Louver: The only AC with backside cover for additional protection to heat exchanger while ensuring higher airflow
Automatic air flow adjustment and has powerful mode
Long-life ion deodorization filter and has fresh air intake
Wireless remote controller
Compressor insulation blanlet
Long louver provides wide airflow
Quite operation and Rear cabinet protection
Moisture Removal: 2.0 Litre/hour and EER: 2.84 W/W
Operating Temperature: 60 degree celsius; Compressor: Advanced hyper tropical rotary and Refrigerant: R22

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Consist of two units – indoor and outdoor, interconnected by copper pipes, which circulates refrigerant. The outdoor unit comprises: a compressor, a condenser, a throttle and a fan; the indoor unit: an evaporator and a fan. Differ by the type of performance indoor unit: wall, duct, cassette, ceiling and others

Split AC; 1.5 ton capacity
Energy Rating: 5 Star
5 years warranty on compressor
Up and down swing flaps and hyper tropical rotary compressor
Powerful mode and inner groove copper tube
Coanda airflow technology and power air flow dual flaps
Anti-corrosion treatment for ODU and heat exchanger fins
Double swing automatic – 3D
BLDC motor indoor unit and auto restart
Compressor insulation blanlet and power coated outdoor unit
Auto shut flaps and auto changeover
Wireless remote controller, economy mode and wide angle louvers
Airflow-High: 985 m3/hour, 580 cfm; EER: 3.13 W/W
Connection Method Indoor-Outdoor: Flare; Connection Pipe Size(Gas/Liquid): 15.88/6.35mm
Pipe Length Max (Pre-charged): 20 (7.5)m; Height Difference: 8m
Compressor: Hyper tropical; Refrigerant: R410A

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Split system consisting of an outdoor and indoor duct unit. Ducted air conditioners got its name due to the air distribution by ducting system. Use of that – apartments, houses, villas and offices, where one air conditioner cools multiple rooms, hallways and large rooms of office buildings, where impressive duct system is cooling huge space
Advantages: The ability to completely hide the indoor unit; Remain visible only decorative lattice; One duct is capable to cool several rooms; Low noise level; Ability to supply fresh air to the room and compatibility of duct air conditioner with a ventilation system.
Disadvantages: To set the system, you should have suspended ceilings; Mounting duct split systems must be carried out under repair facilities; Difficult installation and complicated calculation

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1.5 Ton Cassette AUG18AB O General Cassette Split AC
Indoor size 580x235x580mm
Indoor weight 18 Kg
Outdoor size 840x643x336mm
Outdoor weight 59 Kg

Capacity 1.5 Ton

Buying Tip
One ton of AC can cool around 110sq.ft of area . It is a general notion that more the ton better the cooling but that is not the case , in order to cool any room efficiently the air needs to be dry but if the AC has more tonnage then it will cool faster but will not dry, thus effecting the overall performance .

Type Cassette AC
Timer Yes
Compressor type Scroll

Buying Tip
There are two types of compressors : Piston and Rotary . Rotary compressors are better in efficiency and noise then others but at the same time are costlier and have higher repair costs.

Swing Yes
Remote Yes

Sleep mode Yes

Buying Tip
Sleep mode is good if you want to reduce energy consumption at night while you sleep . In sleep mode the AC slowly increases temperature at night while you sleep , this doesnt affect the body as it doesnt understand this slight difference in temp.

Auto restart Yes

Buying Tip
The auto restart function will turn the A/C back on automatically after a power outage, at the previous operating settings.

Power consumption 2000 watts

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  • Double swing automatic
  • Long-life filter
  • Drain water lift-up mechanism
  • Fresh-air intake


Model No.Indoor UnitABG54A
Outdoor UnitAOGR54A
Capacity ClassBTU/h54,000
Input PowerV/φ/Hz48,000-47,400
Power ConsumptionCoolingkW5.25-5.20
Running CurrentCoolingA8.9-9.0
Moisture RemovalPints/h11.7
Room Air Circulation (High)C.F.M1236
Indoor Unit Dimensions WeightH / W / D (mm)240 × 1,660 × 700
kg(lbs)48.0 (106)
Outdoor Unit Dimensions WeightH / W / D (mm)1,152 × 940 × 370
kg(lbs)112.0 (246)
Connection MethodFlare
  1. * Cooling/Heating capacities are based on the following conditions.
  2. Cooling
    – Indoor temperature : 27°C DB/19°C WB
    – Outdoor temperature : 35°C DB/(24°C WB)Heating
    – Indoor temperature : 20°C DB
    – Outdoor temperature : 7°C DB/6°C WB