AC Maintenance

AC Inspection and Fault Diagnosis

Our teams are capable of diagnosing all major and minor faults and to provide troubleshooting, We are expert in troubleshooting split air conditions and all major indoor and out door air conditioning units.
We have been in business for more then 10 years and we have capacity to directly identify the issue and provide any possible solution for its rectification.

Out of Numerous ac maintenance issues which can arise, below are some of the regular issues we fix cover:

  • Maintenance of indoor ac units
  • Fan motor or blower issues in indoor ac units
  • Electric errors warning in out door ac unit
  • Thermostat or regulators warning and electric issues
  • Capacitor or Condenser issues
  • actuator Replacement
  • AC filter replacement or Strainer issues
  • AC compressor repair or replacement
  • Air Balancing
  • Disinfection and mold removals from indoor ac duct
  • Various other issues in outdoor ac units

Survey & Inspection

We have dedicated emergency repair teams available specially for ac maintenance, service, repair or troubleshooting in major dubai areas and we have special dedicated teams for Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers(JLT), Jumeirah Beach Residence(JBR), Springs, Arabian Ranches, Meadows, Jumeirah Gold Club, Silicon Oasis, International City, Motor City, Sports City, Emirates Hills and all other suburbs of Dubai.

So just remember we are always just a call away to provide you cooler indoor environment.

Coordination Process

As soon as our inspection and diagnostic teams are finished with their survey, they coordinate with our head office to prepare a quotation on the other hand and on the basis of customer’s requirements the inspector or surveyor can brief about the issue and its possible solutions.

Usually it takes up to a day or two to get the best competitive quote, However as per the urgency of issue we also have a dedicated quick response section for preparation of quotation and to start the work imminently once the quote is approved by customer.

Reports & Contracts

Our job is not finished once the issue is resolved and the work is completed, we believe that the real job starts once the work is completed. The coverage of any gurantee or warantee given by us to our customers are fully entertained without and hassles, upon requirement we can also furnish work satisfaction reports to make the process as transparent as it can be.

If you are our satisfied customer or wish to join our happy customers list, we also provide comprehensive annual maintenance contracts for all kind of air conditioning units.

AC Service

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AC Servicing & Gas Top UP

Air Condition service, wash, filter cleaning and gas top up comes under the regular ac maintenance in dubai.

A regular ac service in dubai mostly comprise of indoor ac unit to be cleaned, and outdoor ac unit to be washed as of dust and sunny weather combines together and effects its efficiency.

Mostly AC servicing is needed when you have any of below issues:

  • Air condition is not cooling
  • Air condition is blowing hot air
  • Bad odor or smell is coming from ac vent
  • Water is leaking from Air Condition
  • There is not enough air blown from Air Condition
  • Indoor environment is more humid

AC Service Checklist

Below are few major options need to be checked and maintained for a proper ac servicing:

  • Condenser Coil should be cleaned if required as this can effect on your indoor air quality as well as electricity bill.
  • Gas/ Refrigerant Charging or top up, an improper level of ac gas can cause ac compressor to shut down, effects cooling and increase in cost of electric bills.
  • Contactors and Relays should be checked and cleaned if required.
  • Capacitors should be tested and replaced if required to prevent compressor and fan motor damage.
  • Air Filter on option of customer should be replaced, an air filter in good condition prevent air conditioning unit to waster energy and increases ac compressor’s life.

Besides the above given checklist there are more option to be checked for a proper ac servicing , however a preventive and early servicing and maintenance of air conditions keeps the checklist and serviceable lesser then usual.

AC Repair

AC Repair in Dubai

We are one of the finest ac repair service in Dubai, our experienced teams are in collaboration with different brands who are providing of cooling system in Dubai, and our teams are well aware of technologies development in this fields,

Searching for AC repair in Dubai customer much check company experience and there professional approach as dealing with un skilled people will may end in major loss of time and money,

AC Maintenance in Dubai periodically training there staff with not only about new techniques but also providing fully customizes and hassle free services,

Your AC needs repair? Call us on 052 9673666

Skilled AC Repair

AC Maintenance in Dubai are providing free of cost diagnoses once our customer call us our diagnoses expert will visit your premises and we will provide you effective solutions,



Basic AC repair services are including:

  • Checking of AC units, both indoor and outdoor,
  • Cleaning of filter,
  • Cleaning of ac grill,
  • Check ac element like condenser, compressor, thermostat,
  • Cleaning of outdoor unit with water pressure to remove all dust,
  • Gas top

Ductless Air Conditioners (split ac)

Splits AC are ductless Ac systems and normally these kind of ac system required more often servicing, in mostly cases outdoor units are far from the indoor units,

Basic benefit for having Split AC system that you can just turn on your required units and it can be effectively controlled with remote unit,

We are also supplying and installation of new split ac units from all major brands

Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners are modern technology where ac units covers your entire house and also cut down energy cost,

For repairing of central AC teams need to be expert so they can diagnoses exact problem, we have team of expert technicians and engineers for central ac, they can not only diagnose problem in only one visit but also provide you adequate solutions,

Either is just simple gas charging of comprehensive services like duct cleaning to maintaining of air flow and complete electric checkup

AC Maintenance in Dubai are one of the finest company when it comes to repair central air conditioners, we completely understand the complete system of central duct ac and it assist us in finding issue quickly,

Call us right now and get you ac fix in next few hours 052 967 3666

AC Supply

AC Supply

AC Maintenance in Dubai, holding dealer ships of all major brands of ac supplier in the UAE,

We are not only supplier of ac but we rather call us complete solution providers as our representative will come at your premises to examine your requirement and as per your requirement by considering your premises we provide effect cost affordable solutions, as we are holding dealership of all major brands so we always ensure that our customer get cost effective solution with high quality result,

So from the examination to supply but also we have extended our services to installation of ac system, and our customer don’t have to search and go to different outlets, they can get all solution by simply calling on 052 967 3666,

We have full line of products and parts related to HVAC from all top manufacturers,

Some of major brands we are dealing with:

  • O General
  • LG
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • WestPoint
  • Carrer
  • Nobel
  • Diakin

Types of ac solutions

  • Central Air Condition,
  • Split Ac
  • Windows AC
  • Portable AC

Air Conditions Parts

All Kinds of thermostat,

  • All kinds of compressor,
  • Pipe for installation,
  • Pipe insulation,
  • Fitting breakit.

Reporting and Cost Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Diagnoses are free?
A: Yes Ac Maintenance in Dubai providing all survey and diagnoses are free of cost

Q: How long it will take for the installation?
A: Ours representative will be able to give you complete details about time of installation, brands information and cost.

Q: we already have material do Ac Maintenance in Dubai just provides installation?
A: Yes Ac Maintenance in Dubai also provides installation services only and if some parts will be missing we will provide that as well.

Q: we just need to buy thermostat do you provide that or any other parts?
A: Ac Maintenance in Dubai have complete line of all parts of major brands from thermostat , compressor, condenser or ac grill we can supply all parts,

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning (Let’s improve air and performance of your Ac units)

Duct systems are very important parts of your ac systems, Duct cleaning should be done in approx. 3 years to 5 years and this not only improve your air cooling system but also insure that your family breaking quality air and this could prevent many disease infection,
AC Maintenance in Dubai has special trained teams for Duct cleaning well equipped with modern tools and techniques, we also standard chemical which not only clean and kill insect from your ac duct but also prevent from insects in future,
Some benefits for duct cleaning:
• Improved system and air efficiency
• Improve air quality to reduce risk of allergies,
• Improve cooling and air balance
• Odour & dust count control

Our Service at a Glance

We are using modern equipment and tools for the serving of below element
• Return Duck (that’s help returning of air)
• Supply lines of Duck
• Main trunk lines
• Air handling unit (AUH)
• Other element like. Fan blades, register grilles, Main unit motor(MUM),cooling and heating elements, AC filters, outdoors units, indoor units, and electric parts
• Sanitization of entire systems

AC Maintenance in Dubai are Duct cleaning expert

Our Duct cleaning services are not only design for cleaning of your ac duct system we call this a complete solution in which duct cleaning is just one part of our services as our standard are far high then just cleaning, our services are designed comprehensivly improving of compete cooling systems includes ventilation/humidity control system,/improved cooling efficiently and heating system,
We also ensure removing of all dust and other hard particle from the direct lines which improve quality of air in your home, and we also sanitize at last that prevent your supply lines form dust, insects, and ensure proper flow of air,
Following step with be part of our services,

Reporting and Cost Control

• Free diagnoses to determine types of ventilation system and locate the positions
• Free quotation to our customer with complete details descriptions
• Expert set high pressure to suck all dust and other particles from main duck lines, and this method being used for all ducts separately
• High pressure vacuumed techniques being used,
• Then we used deep cleaning of all supply lines, all duck installations, fan blades, filters grilled,(and cleaning of all elements done individually)
• Sanitization of your complete duct system to be done at last to ensure you have quality air
• Indoor and outdoor units servicing to provide your quality air with required temperatures,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have services for commercial ventilation systems?
A: Yes AC Maintenance in Dubai provide complete solution for both domestic and commercial ventilation systems, you may contact to our customer services representative and we will give solution to your all requirement of duct cleaning and we will also do free diagnoses where our expert will come and explain
Q: How often should duct system cleaned?
A: We recommend that once a 3 years duct system should be cleaned
Q: Is this a messy job?
A: Not at all, AC Maintenance in Dubai has special trained staff and they stick vacuums system and it is properly seal so dust cannot come out, and during the whole process our team take extra care to ensure neat and clean premises of our client, we guarantee you after duct clean you will have not only clean premises but also clean and healthy air

Coil Cleaning

Coil Cleaning

Evaporator Coil of ac is a cold radiator in indoor AC units so that air flows within coil to make it cold, while compression of coil may result to causing of fine dust and dirt that might stuck on the wet surface of coil the process is build up over time, this can be major reason for the water leaking and lack of cooling,

AC Maintenance in Dubai, we use special portable cleaning system coilJet® to clean the coil even without removing, this also save times and energy plus we are able to maintain our standard for clean premises of our client during operation

AC Fixing

AC Fixing

AC maintenance in Dubai are spcialized service provider for your all Air con and HVAC needs, from simply servicing of one ac unit to installation of chiller plants we have teams of experts to execute all requirement,
We are providing our services in Dubai and other emirates for more than decade,
Our dedicated teams are working 24/7 to make sure our customers should not suffer from this thought environment,
Our teams are well qualified and equipped with industry’s modern tools and techniques,
We offer both domestic and commercial services,

Some of our exclusives services are

* Air Conditioner Maintenance – Check & Clean Filters Basic servicing,
* Air Conditioner Maintenance – Check & Clean Evaporator
* Check Ductwork
* Remote Control
* Power Up Unit

Coordination Process

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Reporting and Cost Control

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Why Choose AC Maintenance in Dubai

* No call out charges,
Our teams are available to serve our customer 24/7, so our customer can call us any time and our diagnoses expert will reach within 3 working hours, and we are proud fully ensure this to our customer that our diagnoses are absolutely free of cost , our expert gives problem details and adequate solutions on spot that make our customer to enjoy in desire environment without any hassle

* Prompt repair of all brands,
Our teams are well aware of all market trends and we have collaboration with all major supplier of AC/cooling systems in this region this gives us advantage that our teams can provide solutions and repair all brands no matter its duct system, split ac and window air conditioning system,
* 100% Guaranteed Services,
* Our all services are fully guaranteed as we have maintained standard so once customer contact with AC maintenance in Dubai, then our customer shouldn’t be worry about any things, we take all responsibilities from checking units to adequate solutions,
* Emergency Services,