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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning (Let’s improve air and performance of your Ac units)

Duct systems are very important parts of your ac systems, Duct cleaning should be done in approx. 3 years to 5 years and this not only improve your air cooling system but also insure that your family breaking quality air and this could prevent many disease infection,
AC Maintenance in Dubai has special trained teams for Duct cleaning well equipped with modern tools and techniques, we also standard chemical which not only clean and kill insect from your ac duct but also prevent from insects in future,
Some benefits for duct cleaning:
• Improved system and air efficiency
• Improve air quality to reduce risk of allergies,
• Improve cooling and air balance
• Odour & dust count control

Our Service at a Glance

We are using modern equipment and tools for the serving of below element
• Return Duck (that’s help returning of air)
• Supply lines of Duck
• Main trunk lines
• Air handling unit (AUH)
• Other element like. Fan blades, register grilles, Main unit motor(MUM),cooling and heating elements, AC filters, outdoors units, indoor units, and electric parts
• Sanitization of entire systems

AC Maintenance in Dubai are Duct cleaning expert

Our Duct cleaning services are not only design for cleaning of your ac duct system we call this a complete solution in which duct cleaning is just one part of our services as our standard are far high then just cleaning, our services are designed comprehensivly improving of compete cooling systems includes ventilation/humidity control system,/improved cooling efficiently and heating system,
We also ensure removing of all dust and other hard particle from the direct lines which improve quality of air in your home, and we also sanitize at last that prevent your supply lines form dust, insects, and ensure proper flow of air,
Following step with be part of our services,

Reporting and Cost Control

• Free diagnoses to determine types of ventilation system and locate the positions
• Free quotation to our customer with complete details descriptions
• Expert set high pressure to suck all dust and other particles from main duck lines, and this method being used for all ducts separately
• High pressure vacuumed techniques being used,
• Then we used deep cleaning of all supply lines, all duck installations, fan blades, filters grilled,(and cleaning of all elements done individually)
• Sanitization of your complete duct system to be done at last to ensure you have quality air
• Indoor and outdoor units servicing to provide your quality air with required temperatures,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have services for commercial ventilation systems?
A: Yes AC Maintenance in Dubai provide complete solution for both domestic and commercial ventilation systems, you may contact to our customer services representative and we will give solution to your all requirement of duct cleaning and we will also do free diagnoses where our expert will come and explain
Q: How often should duct system cleaned?
A: We recommend that once a 3 years duct system should be cleaned
Q: Is this a messy job?
A: Not at all, AC Maintenance in Dubai has special trained staff and they stick vacuums system and it is properly seal so dust cannot come out, and during the whole process our team take extra care to ensure neat and clean premises of our client, we guarantee you after duct clean you will have not only clean premises but also clean and healthy air