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AC Supply

AC Supply

AC Maintenance in Dubai, holding dealer ships of all major brands of ac supplier in the UAE,

We are not only supplier of ac but we rather call us complete solution providers as our representative will come at your premises to examine your requirement and as per your requirement by considering your premises we provide effect cost affordable solutions, as we are holding dealership of all major brands so we always ensure that our customer get cost effective solution with high quality result,

So from the examination to supply but also we have extended our services to installation of ac system, and our customer don’t have to search and go to different outlets, they can get all solution by simply calling on 052 967 3666,

We have full line of products and parts related to HVAC from all top manufacturers,

Some of major brands we are dealing with:

  • O General
  • LG
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • WestPoint
  • Carrer
  • Nobel
  • Diakin

Types of ac solutions

  • Central Air Condition,
  • Split Ac
  • Windows AC
  • Portable AC

Air Conditions Parts

All Kinds of thermostat,

  • All kinds of compressor,
  • Pipe for installation,
  • Pipe insulation,
  • Fitting breakit.

Reporting and Cost Control

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Diagnoses are free?
A: Yes Ac Maintenance in Dubai providing all survey and diagnoses are free of cost

Q: How long it will take for the installation?
A: Ours representative will be able to give you complete details about time of installation, brands information and cost.

Q: we already have material do Ac Maintenance in Dubai just provides installation?
A: Yes Ac Maintenance in Dubai also provides installation services only and if some parts will be missing we will provide that as well.

Q: we just need to buy thermostat do you provide that or any other parts?
A: Ac Maintenance in Dubai have complete line of all parts of major brands from thermostat , compressor, condenser or ac grill we can supply all parts,