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AC Service

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AC Servicing & Gas Top UP

Air Condition service, wash, filter cleaning and gas top up comes under the regular ac maintenance in dubai.

A regular ac service in dubai mostly comprise of indoor ac unit to be cleaned, and outdoor ac unit to be washed as of dust and sunny weather combines together and effects its efficiency.

Mostly AC servicing is needed when you have any of below issues:

  • Air condition is not cooling
  • Air condition is blowing hot air
  • Bad odor or smell is coming from ac vent
  • Water is leaking from Air Condition
  • There is not enough air blown from Air Condition
  • Indoor environment is more humid

AC Service Checklist

Below are few major options need to be checked and maintained for a proper ac servicing:

  • Condenser Coil should be cleaned if required as this can effect on your indoor air quality as well as electricity bill.
  • Gas/ Refrigerant Charging or top up, an improper level of ac gas can cause ac compressor to shut down, effects cooling and increase in cost of electric bills.
  • Contactors and Relays should be checked and cleaned if required.
  • Capacitors should be tested and replaced if required to prevent compressor and fan motor damage.
  • Air Filter on option of customer should be replaced, an air filter in good condition prevent air conditioning unit to waster energy and increases ac compressor’s life.

Besides the above given checklist there are more option to be checked for a proper ac servicing , however a preventive and early servicing and maintenance of air conditions keeps the checklist and serviceable lesser then usual.

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