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AC Coil Cleaning Services

Evaporator Coil helps air flowing within to make it cold, while compression of the coil may result to causing of fine dust and dirt that might be stuck on the wet surface of the coil the process is build up over time, this can be a major reason for the water leaking and lack of cooling,
The coil fins that are located in front of the evaporator and condenser coils are mostly made of aluminum. These fins can be bent easily and when they are bent and lose their shapes it will affect the flow of air into the AC Unit as the air has to pass through the Coil.
At AC Maintenance in Dubai, we use special portable cleaning system coilJet® to clean the coil even without removing, this also saves times and energy plus we are able to maintain our standard for clean premises of our client during operation

We will use the right type of fin comb to bring back the bent fins back to their original shape. The condensate drains must also be cleaned of any clogging and ensure that the drained water flows off without any restrictions. This is necessary to prevent the unit from reducing humidity while the unit is operating. If your unit operates with clogged condensate drains the moisture level in the room increases discoloring the walls and carpets.

Effect of Evaporator Coil on Air Conditioner’s Cooling Efficiency

The cooling effect of the AC unit depends on the effectiveness of the window seals and asks your AC cleaning Dubai Company to inspect the window seals and make sure that they are in proper shape for getting the best cooling from your AC Unit.

While servicing your AC unit your AC cleaning Dubai company will take care of the following namely:

  • Checking and making sure that the unit has enough refrigerant
  • Find out and fix any refrigerant leaks and fix them
  • Install the refrigerant catching system in case of a leak and prevent it escaping into the atmosphere
  • Inspect all the ducts and ensure that they are properly sealed
  • Ensure that the airflow through the evaporator coil is normal
  • Make sure that the electric connections are working properly and fix anything that needs the attention
  • Inspect the motors and other moving parts, belts and other parts that need lubrication
  • Test the thermostat and check its settings as this is vital for the proper functioning of the AC Unit

As these vital cleaning jobs cannot be performed by lay users, and it must be performed only by well trained and experienced AC cleaning professionals, ensure that all ac cleaning jobs are done by well-trained persons from our Company.