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Used Air Conditioner in Dubai

Should You Buy a Used Air Conditioner? The Summer heat creates a brutal experience when you're without an air conditioner. You try your best to stay cool with fans but it's not cutting it. Money is tight and buying a used air conditioner comes to mind. But wait... Are there problems you'll soon discover? And, is it worth the investment versus buying new? Those questions answered in this post. Beating the Heat: When a Used Air Conditioner is Worth It 2017 was one of the hottest years on record. Air conditioners becoming less a creature comfort and more a survival tool. Unfortunately, new HVAC units cost upwards of $3000 for basic units. This is without factoring installation costs. A used air conditioner becomes a viable option: Pricing Pricing varies by location and supplier. You can expect steep discounts when buying used. The size, brand, and condition will determine the price, too. The cheapest option is buying a used window unit. These are available through several channels: Local swap shopsOnline social media listingsWord-of-mouthResellers and pawn shops Urgency Ordering new HVAC units may take weeks before they're delivered and installed. This is no good when you're experiencing an extreme heat wave. Buying…


3 Popular O General AC Models to Stay Cool

Best O General AC Models for Powerful Cooling All of the air conditioning products made by O General are known to provide the best indoor cooling for home & offices. But you can’t treat them all the same — as with anything, some products are better than others.What do most people look for in an air conditioner? They want something that will keep their home and business cool without cracking the bank.That means reliability, efficiency, and power.If you know anything about us, you know we take HVAC seriously. So we can’t help but get enthusiastic about some of these remarkable products from General Air Conditioners by Fujitsu The O General AC RockStar Meet the rockstar of air conditioners Call Now: 056 3000442 The 1.5-ton wall mounted split type air conditioner of O'General. ASGA18FMTB/AOGA18FMTB18000 BTU (1.5 Ton) This one settles somewhere in between their higher and shorter models. O General has products varying from under 1 ton to different tons in weight. This one comes on the upper end of that spectrum, making it ideal for homes and offices. One thing we love about this unit is that it uses a "split AC" set up. That means you can get your room twice…


O General AC

Why People Choose O'General Air Conditioners in UAE? The brand quality, after-sales service, easily available parts & accessories and above all the positive rating is the main reason why more and more people in Dubai trust General Air Conditioners by Fujitsu.Another reason behind successful sale is the energy efficiency, adaptability, and affordability which comes with beautiful, sleek and modern designs which combine together in great value for your hard earned money to put in the most valuable and important machine which will be an important part of your home. Top review and rating websites can give you an insight about it's-popularity and durability, Few of them are listed below: www.mouthshut.comwww.reviewcenter.inwww.gadgetsnow.comwww.ogeneralac.comwww.amazon.in Model Types, Sizes & Designs along with availability of accessories and ease of installation and maintenance are the main factors to keep in mind while buying a new ac unit. *An energy Efficient aircon will save you a lot in future* Outstanding Features of O'General's Air Conditioners Wide range of models, capacity and sizes to suit your needs.Effective in Cooling.Efficient in energy consumption.The durable quality of parts and materials used in manufacturing.Quality of outer and inner materials such as casing, wires and tubes, grating, fans.Low maintenance required.Easy installation.Stylish & modern…

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