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AC Service

Maintenance & Cleaning Services of an Air Conditioner

Air condition service, wash, filter cleaning and gas top up come under the regular ac maintenance services in Dubai.
Conventional ac service in Dubai mostly covers indoor ac unit to be cleaned, and outdoor ac unit to be washed as of dirt and hot weather joins together and causes its inefficiency.
Besides the above-given details, there are more option to be examined for a peculiar ac servicing, nevertheless, a precautionary and early cleaning and maintenance of air conditions holds the checklist and serviceable lesser than recommended.

AC Cleaning is required if you have any of the following impressions:

  • The air conditioner is not blowing sufficient cooling.
  • The air conditioner is blasting warm breeze.
  • Bad odor or smell is emanating from AC vents.
  • Water is dripping from the Air Conditioner.
  • insufficient cool air is blown from the Air Conditioner.
  • The indoor climate is more humid.

Following are some important options need to be reviewed and maintained for a customary ac servicing in Dubai:

  • Condenser Coil to be cleaned if needed as this can cause on your indoor air quality as well as power bill.
  • Gas/ Refrigerant top up, an inappropriate level of refrigerant can make compressor to close down, impacts on cooling and rise in the cost of electrical bills.
  • Contactors and Relays must be inspected and cleaned if needed.
  • Capacitors must be tested and switched with new if needed to counter compressor and fan motor damage.
  • Air Filter on the request of the customer must be replaced otherwise at least cleaned, an air filter in excellent state block air conditioning unit to waste power and improves ac compressor’s lifespan.