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AC Repair

Emergency AC Repair Services

We are one of the excellent ac repair services in Dubai, our qualified crews are in collaboration with many brands who are producing the cooling system in Dubai, and our teams are well aware of technologies developed in this fields,
Searching for AC repair in Dubai customer much check company knowledge and their professional approach as dealing with unskilled people will end in a major waste of time and money,

Your AC needs repair

AC Maintenance in Dubai periodically training their staff with not only about new techniques but also providing fully customizes and hassle-free services,

AC Maintenance in Dubai investigates ac units upon our customer request and provides you cost effective solutions,

  • Checking of AC units, both indoor and outdoor,
  • Cleaning of filter,
  • Cleaning of AC grill,
  • Check ac element like condenser, compressor, thermostat,
  • Washing of an outdoor unit eliminates all dust,
  • Refrigerant Gas top

Split AC Repair Service

Splits AC are ductless Ac systems and normally this kind of ac system required more often servicing, in most cases outdoor units are far from the indoor units,
Basic benefit for having Split AC system that you can just turn on your required units and it can be effectively controlled with the remote unit.
Either is just simple gas charging of comprehensive services like duct cleaning to maintaining of air flow and complete electric checkup, we provide complete repair service for split type, wall mounted and duct type split air conditioners.

We are also supplying and installation of new split ac units from all major brands

Central AC Repair Service

Central air conditioners are modern technology where ac units cover your entire house and also cut down energy cost,
For repairing of central AC teams need to be expert so they can diagnose the exact problem, we have a team of expert technicians and engineers for central ac, they can not only diagnose the problem in only one visit but also provide you adequate solutions,

AC Maintenance in Dubai is an exceptional organization when it comes to repairing central air conditioners, we fully appreciate the complete system of central duct ac and it helps us in finding the issue quickly,